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Two contemporary women who do not know each other find their lives and careers enmeshed with that of Marie de Chantal, the Marquise de Sevigne, a French aristocrat of the 17th Century.

One of them, Professor Lenore Kae, is a historian who has written a bestselling biography of the Marquise. The other is Rebecca Kimball, an actress who has been cast as the Marquise in a new Broadway play.  They each struggle to understand her, and to confront parallels between the Marquise's life and their own.  They encounter each other—as well as the Marquise herself—in dreamtime.
The film’s style is a blend of narrative realism and impressionism, in which several storylines are woven together. Sequences of 17th Century France, the stage production of the Marquise’s story, and the two women’s personal and professional lives are interwoven, and only at the end of the film do all the stories connect.


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